Culture Ambassador

Student Cultural Ambassador at UC campus

Summer 2016

The ACFED Summer program at University of Cincinnati offers you a once -in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the campus of a prestigious American university, explore America and participate in the oversea volunteer programs to spread Chinese culture and positive energies, deepen the mutual understanding between the American and Chinese people. Participation in this program will count significantly toward university entrance qualifications as community service and enhance the value of your academic resume.

The program will bring teenagers (ages 14-17) from China to the UC campus in Cincinnati Ohio for a unique educational, recreational and cultural adventure.   It is structured so that all participants will get to explore the greater Cincinnati area, stay on the campus to get an immersive taste of university life, and participate in local community services to boost the leadership skills and teamwork spirit.  At the conclusion of this summer camp every camper will be award the “Student Ambassador Certificate” by American Center for Educational Development.  

The program will also provide opportunities to students who are aiming to pursue their academic development in the USA.  It includes visits to four different universities where campers get the opportunity to meet and interact with the admission interviewer of each university; at that time each camper will be able to ask questions that will enable them to refine their academic objectives. 

This program is sponsored by Conversa Language Center; Conversa has arranged school trips to international destinations for over 20 years.


Double and triple room occupancy

Full-board meals

Rooms are furnished with closet, desk and beds, kitchen, bathroom and shower.

Access to UC library, bookstore, and campus recreation center (Aquatics, courts, fitness floor, climbing wall) and field space.

Program Dates:

This program is scheduled for summer 2016, July 17th –July 31st.

Where to find more information:

For additional information or to apply to be a participant, visit, or contact the representative office in China. 

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