Test Prep Programs


Frustrated trying to prepare for your upcoming IELTS/TOEFL exam on your own?  No luck hiring private teachers for tips and advice? 

While most test preparation programs’ primary focus is merely equipping students with test-taking strategies, our program’s main goal is to improve students’ overall English ability.  At American Center for Educational Development, we conduct research and develop curriculum aimed at enriching students’ language skills and priming them for studying abroad.  
Rather than basing our classes solely upon lectures and other traditional teaching methods, we utilize divergent thinking activities like role-playing and peer-teaching as a means of educating our students.  We also see the importance of incorporating test-simulation in our course, taking into consideration the fact that IELTS is administered by a certified examiner rather than through the Internet (as is done with the TOEFL iBT).  
If you decide to attend our course, not only do we guarantee an increase in your score, but we also assure you an increase in your English communicative ability and enjoyable classroom experience.    



Determined to study at a renowned university in the United States of America but dreading taking the SAT or ACT?  Sign up for our SAT/ACT course committed to equipping you for your college-entrance exam.

Confident in your Science and/or Mathematics skills, but fearful that the vocabulary used in each subject will be too advanced?  A large portion of our course focuses on simulating exams, covering everything from the terms that appear in the instructions to those that appear in the answers on multiple-choice questions.  

Considering the time restraints for each section on the exams, we also focus on providing adequate test-taking strategies to help you better manage your time and energy.  Due to the fact that the SAT and ACT are native-level exams, we realize that they are very challenging to study for on your own.  That is why we have gathered together our team of experts to create this specialized test-preparation course. 



College-equivalency tests can save you time and money by giving you college credits before ever stepping into a university classroom.  Scoring proficiently on these tests can also improve your chances of getting accepted into a highly selective university.  However, considering the fact that these tests are designed to evaluate native speakers of English, which adds an extra degree of difficulty for ESL learners.

ACFED's college-equivalency test preparation courses first improve students' academic vocabulary through a range of in-class and guided out-of-class vocabulary methods, proven to improve retention.  In order to make students comfortable with academic English, students then receive a hefty dose of academic reading practice, learning both reading strategies and language skills.  Finally, students are drilled with simulated examinations, which are reviewed with the teacher.  All progress is tracked quantitatively to motivate students and show them that they are progressing towards their goal.







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