English Skills Training Programs



Already taken some English courses to build an English foundation but still want to improve your language and cultural skills in preparation for studying abroad?

Check out our content-based Subject English course and enrich your knowledge of geography, science, mathematics, literature, art, and music, while simultaneously improving your English.

Rather than memorizing new vocabulary words through monotonous repetition and drilling, our course engages students through interactive classroom activities such as role-playing, student presentations, discussion, and debate.  While most students take this course to prepare for studying in a Western classroom, some students take the course to enlarge their academic vocabularies in preparation for the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and TOEFL Junior examinations.





So, you have passed your tests, maybe even have received your acceptance letter to study abroad, but are not quite confident enough to purchase your plane ticket and take the plunge? Check out our newly-developed Survival English course aimed at walking you through every situation from opening a bank account to ordering food at a restaurant.

Already passed your IELTS or TOEFL exam and completed your interview with the Customs and Immigration Company, but still feel uneasy about living in a foreign country? At American Center for Educational Development, we realize that simply acquiring test-taking strategies and basic language skills is not enough to make your time living abroad a comfortable and fulfilling experience. For this reason, we want you to be just as knowledgeable of your destination’s culture as its language.





Already taken some English classes but still have a difficult time with basic pronunciation? Join our Pronunciation course and refine your enunciation of the most problematic vowel and consonant sounds.

Utilizing a series of teaching methods involving drilling, role-playing, video recording, and peer-teaching, our intensive Pronunciation course will not only improve your ability to produce individual sounds more accurately, but will also increase your overall English fluency. While most pronunciation courses are not effective at fine-tuning bad pronunciation habits, we want our course to help you get closer to sounding like a native speaker. For this reason, we have also implemented an online portion for the course, hoping that it will provide students comprehensive feedback on their performance in and out of class.     





The interview process is often the most difficult step to confirming your visa for traveling abroad or immigrating to a new country.  The better your English speaking abilities, the better impression you will make on the immigration officer conducting the interview. He or she may ask several questions related to:

How are you going to make money in order to afford living expenses?
Do you have any dependent family members accompanying you? Are you going to be able to provide for them? Will they be working in the country as well?
How and why did you choose to study at the institution you are attending? How are you going to pay for the course?

There may be many other questions but the better prepared you are to answer these types of questions, the greater your chances of being able to travel abroad. We will review numerous relevant questions related to your visa purpose. We will also help you answer the questions politely and suitably.

Whether it is for a working visa, a student visa, or the start of your immigration process, we will help help you prepare for any interview scenario.
We have already helped hundreds of individuals obtain their visas for studying abroad. We can assure you that you will go into your interview feeling confident and well prepared. 

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