Community Overview


Even though individual students are ultimately responsible for their own success in acquiring a second language, establishing a sense of community with peers can help expedite language acquisition and also make it a much more enjoyable learning experience.

While we believe that the classroom is the primary setting for learning, we also believe that he classroom needs to be supplemented by out-of-class language instruction and guided activities.  Even though the classroom might be the ideal location for acquiring language, the real world is better for applying it.  For this reason, the American Center for Educational Development has established extracurricular clubs for our students to participate in, as well as other programs based upon immersing students in the environment in which they will most likely be using English.  This creates a stronger sense of community within our students and staff.

Another way in which we build community is staying connected with students that have already completed our programs and are out studying in different parts of the world.  Through email, telephone, and chat software, we know what many of our past students are up to.  We keep detailed records of all of our students’ progress as well as examples of each of their work.  We feel that this is beneficial for current students and prospective students because it sets an example for them, sets goals for them to strive for, and gives their work meaning. 


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