Program Evaluation

We’re often contacted by school leaders who are aware of problems within their schools, but don’t have the know-how or experience to come up with solutions. That’s where ACFED comes in.

   teachers: Our team of expert auditors perform teacher observations.  After observing the classroom environment and diagnosing problematic areas, we then lead trainings amongst staff members and other faculty.  In some instances, we will provide “remote training,” which involves assigning teachers particular topics to discuss in meetings.  By utilizing the most ground-breaking educational technologies, such as interactive blackboards and teleconferencing, we aim at reducing costs and maximizing the efficiency of our solution package.  

  curriculum: look at S&S, look at texbooks, resources, 

  marketing: inspecting marketing scheme/plan, interviewing marketing team, investigating marketing/student records in order to find trends which will help you allocate your ad resources.  also look advertisements - desgin, and placing

Through the process of scoping and sequencing, we can also decide on milestones for curriculum development.  While scoping involves strategizing about what material to incorporate in curricula, sequencing involves deciding upon the order in which to present that material.  In drafting up a plan, we also evaluate institutions’ educational principles and student records. 

Another beneficial service we provide is inspecting other programs’ business models and evaluating their marketing schemes.  Due to the continuous rise and fall of demand for TESOL, we will help you decide how to allocate your advertisement resources.  



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