Our Vision

With the demand for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) growing faster and faster in the developing world, we at American Center for Educational Development understand our responsibility in designing new curricula to fit the needs of trainees wanting to study abroad.  For this reason, our programs are not only dedicated to offering a wide variety of courses to trainees, but are also concentrated on conducting educational and psychological research aimed at continual professional development.  

Another aspect of our organization that distinguishes us from other educational institutions is that we take into consideration the learning styles of children as first depicted in the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner and further studied by countless educational researchers.  We not only accept the fact that humans learn in a wide variety of ways, but we also celebrate it.  Whether you are a student who is more book-smart or learns better through hands-on activities, we realize that the optimal educational pathway cannot be fit into a single box.


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