International Talent Verification

International Third-party Talent Verification

Years of experience partnering with schools, educational institutions and start-ups has taught us that the key to successful operation of a business is talent. It is critical to the success of any business venture that every member of its team is highly skilled, well trained and motivated for the success of the company. This requirement for talent is not limited to management level team members.

Our ACFED CPD ( Continual professional Development ) programs have enabled us to become a leading talent placement platform to serve both our members and our clients through a suite of products and services. Our Online Third Party Talent Verification System is a non-profit program which has been successfully helping our members to prove their abilities, connect them into the professional network, and develop the suitable career path; for our clients it has been beneficial to hire talent at every level within their organization, finding the right team member with verified skills and abilities suitable to the goals of its team, reduces costs and speeds productivity.

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